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Adora (Zivity set)
I didn't want to mess with registration and stuff, but I found something that didn't need one.

Ok, the 2 Adora sets I found are in here: [YOU NEED TO POST AT LEAST TWICE TO SEE LINKS ]

And the rest of the pics I have from the site are in here; [YOU NEED TO POST AT LEAST TWICE TO SEE LINKS ]

They'll only be up for 30 days, and the password for both is "adoraisthebest" without the quotes.

Like I said, I don't know if there's more Adora there, because I've only had time to go through the first 10 or so, but if you find more in there, please share! Or at least say which ones they are lol
Has anyone downloaded these yet? Don't want the time limit to expire before anyone does, and it's halfway there.
These are great. Thank you so much.
You're welcome! Glad to be of help!
Damn, I forgot about this and missed it. Can you repost?
Saw this after spotting the other Adora thread being updated. Here's what stuff of hers I've found [YOU NEED TO POST AT LEAST TWICE TO SEE LINKS ] It expires in 30 days, password is adoraisthebest

Does anyone want the full Zivity archive I have? I still haven't had time to look through it all yet.
I have some sets of her I can post. They might be dups, but I would hate for anyone to miss out on her.
That would be awesome. I unfortunately missed out .

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