Full Version: Forum Rules
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1. Access to the forum is allowed only to adults. By registering you state that you are over 18.

In order to gain access to the forum and all threads you must go through the regular email verification procedure. Your email address will stay in the database and you must keep that in mind. People without active accounts will not see the full content. Registrations from domains that offer 10 minute mail hosting such as and similiar WILL BE DELETED.

2. Hosting Links permitted. preferred although others may be used as well within reason.

3. Spamming, posting links to malicious websites will result in a ban. Let's keep this place as clean as possible.

4. Privacy - besides your email address used during registration no information is stored. This site uses SSL encryption (Marked A by Qualsys). There are no ads, no hidden popup launchers.

5. Content type.

DO NOT POST ANYTHING ILLEGAL. All posts with illegal content will be removed and their poster suspended.

6. Enjoy, be active, have fun.